Test document

A document detailing the process of this project


The Test Plan has been created to communicate the test approach to team members. It includes the objectives, scope, schedule, risks and approach. This document will clearly identify what the test deliverables will be and what is deemed in and out of scope.

1.1 Objectives

The game is called fARm. The player maintains a farm where crops and buildings can be placed. With the help of AR technology the game can display the farm on a flat terrain.QR codes are given to the player for an ingame reward. It’s important that tests are done to make sure the player can play the game in the intended way.

The objective of this test document is to make it clear what the objects, scope, schedule, risk and approach is for the tests that needs to be done. This test document will allow the team to test all the features needed to create a working game.

1.2 Team Members

TeunCommunication, Team Lead, Quality Control
MichelleSoftware Architecture, Quality control
KyleGame UX
MitchGame Mechanics, Game Development
DannyDesign Process, Game Design
SanderProcess Management

This is also the role distribution within the team. The tests described in this document will be carried out by varying members of the team.
The tests will be executed both with people from our core (children of supermarket consumers) and side (supermarket consumers with children between 8 – 12) target audience.

2 Scope

In this document all ‘must have’ requirements will be included. These and any other requirements that get included must all be tested. At the end of the project, a tester must be able to:

  1. Place crops on a farmland
  2. Harvest crops
  3. Scan cards
  4. Place new ground for crops
  5. Sell products
  6. Buy seeds with currency
  7. Water crops
  8. Tap space on surface to place ground
  9. Level up
  10. Expand farm using experience

The ‘could have’,’should have’ and ‘won’t have’ requirements will not be included in this document.

3 Assumptions

For the tests we make a few assumptions. These assumptions aim to reflect the eventual conditions and minimum requirements that need to be met in order to play our game. 

The tests were designed with the following assumptions in mind: 

  1. The mobile device the tests are run on meets the minimum required specifications of both our version of Unity, AR Foundation and other software used in the game.
  2. The mobile device has access to a stable internet connection. Some tests may require connection to be temporarily disabled, so this should be possible as well.
  3. There is a flat surface of sufficient space to test on. This surface should be at least 1m² with space for the player to walk around this area.

4 Test Approach

The project is using an agile approach with bi-weekly iterations. At the end of each week the requirements identified for that iteration will be delivered to the test team and will be tested. In later stages of the test process the game will be tested with the target audience.

4.1 Test Automation

Automated tests are harder to implement in Unity. Because of this it takes more time to create them. After discussing this with our product owner and client we decided not to create any automated tests for this project.

5 Test Environment

The test cases will be manually tested in the unity editor and mobile phones. The minor cases can be tested in the unity editor and the test cases that require mobile features are tested on mobile devices.

6 Milestones / Deliverables

6.1 Test Schedule

The initial test schedule follows:

Task nameStartFinishEffort
Review Requirements documents21/11/201922/11/20191 day
Test planning28/11/201928/11/20191 day
Scanning cards04/11/201906/11/20191 day
Placing new ground for crops04/11/201906/11/20191 day
Tap space on surface to place ground04/11/201906/11/20191 day
Water crops11/12/201913/12/20191 day
Placing crops on farmlandXX/XX/XXXXX/XX/XXX1 day
Create initial test estimatesXX/XX/XXXXX/XX/XXX1 day
Sell productsXX/XX/XXXXX/XX/XXX1 day
Buying seeds with currencyXX/XX/XXXXX/XX/XXX1 day
Level up systemXX/XX/XXXXX/XX/XXX1 day
Expanding farm using experienceXX/XX/XXXXX/XX/XXX1 day

6.2 Deliverables

DeliverableForDate / Milestone
Test planProject manager; Test team
Test resultsProject manager, Test team
Test status reportProject manager, ATOS
MetricsAll team members

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