Assesment week 10 and after (not reflection)

Halfway the semester in week 10 I was pretty much done with the project. The only things that still needed to be done were some user tests. So I got people to play my game and give me feedback on things in the game. Because of the feedback I removed the smoke ability for it was too hard to use. 

After completing the game I started to look for a challenge. So I decided to make it possible for the player to play Bandle Online. I also wanted to make sure that Bandle could support cross play. After some research I found that Photon was ideal for my project and I started to implement the only features in the game. I knew it was hard but I didn’t think it was this hard. After I finally got it all working I created a demo map and started to let people try the game.

I created an page so that people that wanted to play the game could play it. I also created a twitter page that show the progress so that more people get interested. This was, and is still the hardest part. I think I should have started this way earlier. The reason I did this because I wanted that there were players online when I demonstrated the game on the assessment.

Reflection semester

This semester I came to the realisation that there are things that you shouldn’t do if you want to finish an complete game. For example:

  • I wanted to create my own sprites, allot of people told me to not do this because of time restraints but I thought I could do it. Well, after days of working I found out it was harder than I thought. My sprites and animations looked terrible. I decided to use sprites from the internet.

I learned that you need to plan ahead, and if you are not sure how much time something is going to take up to ask other people ( or listen). This could save me allot of time and this is something I take with me in future projects. 

In previous semesters I had trouble with researching things. That is why I wanted to do this more this semester. I did this for the most part in the group project. I asked for advice on how to do things and I got valuable advice that I can use in the future.

Now I look back I think that the game was a success (even if it was the first game I finished). I created way more than I thought I would create and with some feedback the game was playable for everyone. And last but not least: Test everything to don’t get bugs like below

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