Analysis and Advice

In the beginning of the project there was a desired result. This needed to be researched. The research can be found the this research document.  The research was based on the DOT framework. The advice that came out of the research was used for deciding how and what needed to be in the game. In addition there is this gamedesign document also elements that use the Analysis and Advice outcomes.


In this research document and gamedesign document you can see the design choices made for the creation of this game. This is for the original game and not with the addition of multiplayer. This UML has also been created to show how the player is build up

Professional Development

Analysis: Before I could start with building the game it was important that there was enough information retrieved in onder to reach and answer specific questions that where needed to create a complete product. In the research document you can see what needed to know and how I came to this result.

Communication: In the group project there were some problems with a group member. In the group problems document you can see how this problem was fixed and what the steps are to make sure that this wasn’t going to be a problem.

Learning Skills: I learned alot this semester, There are things I would do different and there are things I would do the same. In the reflection document you can see my reflection for this semester.


In this semester I created a working prototype/game that is presentable when the user has an internet connection. The game is playable on PC, Mac, Android and IPhone with the right builds. The players can play versus each other because of the cross play that is implemented. The pc version of the game is downloadable on user tests and bug tests made it sure that the quality criteria are good. The complexity of the version after week 10 is the multiplayer.

Other documents

The following documents were created during the group projects. These are documents that I have made / or worked on a lot during the professional task. The documents are in Dutch.

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