Every step made to create Bandle the game can be found on this page. The goal is to make an competitive brawler like couch game that you can play with friends and family. The inspiration to make Bandle comes from similar games like Super smash bro’s and Brawlhalla.

The world of Bandle

In the land of Bandle there are many different races each with their own strengths, weaknesses and cultures. There are the Flows, Humans, Voids and much more other unknown races. The Flows are creatures that are living in the deep forests and are one with nature, these creatures have magic powers that are related to nature. The Humans can also wield magic and live in different cities. Each city has a different view on the use of magic. The last known race is the Voids, these creatures come from another diminution called the void.  The void consumes everything. 1000 years ago there was an event that caused the extinction of almost 80% of the races by the void creatures. No one know exactly what happened. Some of these creatures still roam the land of Bandle, these creatures are called the voids. The story takes place in different places in the land of Bandle.

Genre, Theme and Mood

What is the magic circle of Bandle?
When playing Bandle the player needs to agree that characters have the ability to jump multiple times without touching the ground. Some characters have the ability to use magical attacks that wouldn’t be possible in real life. There are different races and multiple dimensions that are accessible by using a portal.

Is Bandle telling a story to improve Bandle’s game system?
Yes, Bandle is telling a story to improve the game system. All characters come from different races with each different abilities and cultures. This can be seen in the character design. By giving the characters and the world lore the player gets a better understanding of the world and there goals in game.

What is the theme of the game and why did I chose this theme?
The Bandle game is an competitive couch-gaming platformer. I’m always looking on steam for new games to play with friends. But when you look enough you will always ran out of games. I’m at this point now. That’s the main reason I came up with the idea to make an competitive game. I wanted to make something different, something I never made before. that’s an Brawler like couch game. I have also never created a platformer so this is the ideal situation do use both in one game.

User experience design
The player will experience Challenge, Fellowship, Fantasy and Discovery.
Challenge: The player will play against other skilled players.
Fellowship: The player can play with or against other players.
Fantasy: The game takes place in a fantasy world.
Discovery: The player can unlock new maps and players.

How does the game world look like?
The game world can look dark/happy. This depends on the characters that are chosen. When playing as the creatures in the forest, you’ll get a happy vibe. When playing as the void creatures, you’ll get a dark vibe. The game look can change through out the game. In the images below you can see the style I want to go for.

What are the boundaries?
An important boundarie is that the characters can’t move past the screen. There will be walls in place. If character are in the same team they can’t damage each other. The only exception is when this is selected in the options menu.

The world setting
The story takes place a 1000 years after the great extinction. For more information see the title “The world of Bandle”.


Limited time: When a match is started, the player has the option to set a maximum time. When the timer reaches zero, the match is ended.
Gravity: The game uses gravity. This makes it harder for characters to navigate through the level. The gravity is always the same and cannot be adjusted by, for example, ability’s
Aiming: The characters can indicate where to shoot by aiming.
Score: A score is kept in every match. At the end of the match, the score of each character is then displayed.
Fighting: In each match, the characters fight each other until only one team or player remains.
Abilities: Each character has different abilities. By default, a character has 3 abilities.
Health: Every character has a life bar. this bar indicates how much hp the character has. When the hp falls below 0, the character has lost.
Cooldown: Every ability has a cooldown so that it cannot be used too often in succession.
(Wall) Jump: Every character has the ability to jump.
Shields: Some characters use a shield. This is used to block damage.

Core loop:

Ability spamming: Because albilities have cooldowns, it is not possible for the player to spam the same ability. The cooldown of each ability depends on how good it is.
Close/Far range combat: Each character is different, some fight better up close and others fight from a distance. This ensures that the matches vary and do not feel the same for every match.
Running away/ Chasing: Characters are gradually getting HP. If a character is almost dead then chances are that he will run away to get some HP.
Combo’s: By combining abilities, combos can be made.

Fantasy: The game is set in a fantasy world. There are different races, magic can be used and the world looks very different.
Challenge: The Challenge comes from the other players. When you play against a good player, the game becomes more difficult. It is possible to put a handicap on a character should it be necessary for the player.
Fellowship: It is a game that you should not play on your own, but with friends and family. It is possible to form teams so that you have to think/play in a team context.

What is a suitable input system for your game and what controllers do you use?
For the bandle game we need to have game controllers. This can be playstation controllers or Xbox controllers. Every player needs to use alot keys at the same time and most keyboard do not support this.

Control table

Key | Land state | Sky state
Left thumb pad | walk/run | Glide
Right thumb pad | Aim | Aim
action button 1 | Jump | Dubble jump
action button 2 | Ability 1 | Ability 1
action button 3 | Ability 2 | Ability 2
action button 4 | Ability 3 | Ability 3

Effect control table
By setting all the abilities on the action buttons, you will always have a clear understanding on where to find them. These buttons are easy accessible for combo’s because they are next to each other.


Onderzoek Game elementen

Bandle is going to use some elements that are in Brawlhalla. I’ve played the game and found some fun mechanics that I could use. The first one is the way the fighting works. The character has eight different directions where he can swing his weapon to. By using this mechanics the attacks are always consistant. Brawlhalla has a minimalistic design. this way the characters can focus on the fighting and they dont have to look at other stuff.

Super smash bros
In Super smash bros I like how they did the dying system. The highter the score the easier it is to get knocked of the stage. This makes it more fun because the goal is NOT to kill the player but knock him/her of the stage. I want to do something like this but a littlebit different. In Bandle the character can just like in Super smash bros, be tossed around if taken alot of damage, but there is one key different. the character can die when tossed hard against a wall.

Flow, Level Design, Feedback and Balancing.

How do you implement different aspects and conditions of flow into your game?
In Bandle the player controls a character. These characters require skill to use them effectively. By making the characters skill based, the player will need to learn how to play them. The skilled players will have more fun on champs that have combo’s that are harder to hit. But by making the characters skill based the lower skilled players have a harder time. This is why there also needs to be characters that require low to none skills to play.

Gameplay Sketch/ Layout game concept

Because the character die by throwing them against the wall, there need to be walls in the game. For the standard map there will be three platforms where the characters can fight and a wall on the sides where the characters can be thrown to.

What types of feedback do you use in your game?
The Bandle game is all about fighting each other. So it’s important that the player can see when his/her character gets hit or hits another character. This will be done by sounds, animations and an damage indicator. The characters can also jump and dubble jump. when the character is out of jumps there will be a sound played to indicate it.

How do you implement a positive and negative feedback loop into your game?
Positive feedback loop: By playing the game the player will get better at it. This will result in more wins and new combo’s. ( existing combo’s that are to hard to do for a new player)
Negative feedback loop: When a new player plays Bandle, he/she will not be good at the game and lose a few games. This can make them frustrated which in turn makes them play even worse.

How do these feeback loops influence the balancing of Bandle?
These feedback loops influence the balancing by making multiple characters that have all different abilities. There need to be easy characters to play and hard one so that every player can play the game and have fun.

How do you Balance the game?
For the Balance there will be a point system. For example:
Character 1:
Strength: 1 point
Speed: 2 points
Ability: 2 points
Character 2:
Strength: 2 point
Speed: 1 points
Ability: 2 points
As you can see the players have 5 points that can be dividend in strength, speed and Ability. So every play is just as good as the other.

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