Mechanics, Dynamics, Aesthetics

Limited time: When a match is started, the player has the option to set a maximum time. When the timer reaches zero, the match is ended.
Gravity: The game uses gravity. This makes it harder for characters to navigate through the level. The gravity is always the same and cannot be adjusted by, for example, ability’s
Aiming: The characters can indicate where to shoot by aiming.
Score: A score is kept in every match. At the end of the match, the score of each character is then displayed.
Fighting: In each match, the characters fight each other until only one team or player remains.
Abilities: Each character has different abilities. By default, a character has 3 abilities.
Health: Every character has a life bar. this bar indicates how much hp the character has. When the hp falls below 0, the character has lost.
Cooldown: Every ability has a cooldown so that it cannot be used too often in succession.
(Wall) Jump: Every character has the ability to jump.
Shields: Some characters use a shield. This is used to block damage.

Core loop:

Ability spamming: Because albilities have cooldowns, it is not possible for the player to spam the same ability. The cooldown of each ability depends on how good it is.
Close/Far range combat: Each character is different, some fight better up close and others fight from a distance. This ensures that the matches vary and do not feel the same for every match.
Running away/ Chasing: Characters are gradually getting HP. If a character is almost dead then chances are that he will run away to get some HP.
Combo’s: By combining abilities, combos can be made.

Fantasy: The game is set in a fantasy world. There are different races, magic can be used and the world looks very different.
Challenge: The Challenge comes from the other players. When you play against a good player, the game becomes more difficult. It is possible to put a handicap on a character should it be necessary for the player.
Fellowship: It is a game that you should not play on your own, but with friends and family. It is possible to form teams so that you have to think/play in a team context.

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